Bangbezh - بانگبێژ

Bangbezh is an open source project. It's aim is to make an accurate "Athan" Software with a nice and
user-friendly UI for all of the Kurdistan cities.
بانگبێژ پڕۆژه‌یه‌كی سه‌رچاوه‌ كراوه‌یه‌. ئامانجی ئه‌وه‌یه‌ كه‌وا نه‌رمه‌واڵه‌یه‌كی "اذان"ی جوان و ورد(له‌ كاتی بانگه‌كان) درووست بكا بۆ هه‌موو شاره‌كانی كوردستان

Bangbezh 2.0 - بانگبێژ 2.0

Main Features of Bangbezh 2.0 - تایبه‌تمه‌ندیه‌ سه‌ره‌كیه‌كانی بانگبێژ 2.0:

  1. It has the prayer times of the South of Kurdistan Cities (Erbil, Sulemani, Duhok, Kirkuk and Halabja).
  2. You can choose the desired bangbezh voice
  3. You can change the color of the User Interface
  4. Shows the Five prayer times of today plus the time of sunrise.
  5. Can Show Prayer times of ten days
  6. Show how much time is remaining to the next prayer
  7. When its time to a prayer, it calls for prayer.

Can I contribute? - منیش ده‌توانم به‌شدار بم؟

YES, We delightfully welcome anyone who wants to help us in the development of this project, here is a list of what you can do to help us:
  • You can help us in programming
  • You can give us the times of prayers of your city
  • You can make suggestions to us

Contact Us - په‌یوه‌ندیمان پێوه‌بكه‌

You can contact us by:
Facebook Page

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